16 Nov

Telephones and Technology Advancement

One thing that is very important to people is the telephone. Telephones have come a long way from when they were first invented. The history of the telephone is actually quite an interesting history considering all of the methods that went into the invention of the telephone. From the early history of the first phone which was invented almost 400 years ago came the current smart phones that could be used for almost anything.


History of the Telephone


Some of the earlier phones were actually quite diverse in how they functioned. There were those that used liquid transmitters to carry the sound. Then there were other dynamic phones. The first phone was invented when Robert Hooke developed the string telephone in 1667. The phone transmitted sounds with the use of an extended wire and the vibrations of mechanical parts. Almost 100 years later, there has started to be experiments with electrical energy. The idea was to use different wires for each letter in order to transmit the message. Throughout the 1800s experts have worked on the idea of a telephone that transmits speech. In 1861, the first telephone that transmits speech is created.


The Common Telephone


The common telephone by the time the middle of the twentieth century was the one with a dial that was rolled to each number. This was the way that almost anyone talked to someone on the phone. Of course, there had to be a service so that the phone could be used. Developers eventually started looking for ways to make it easier for people to dial the number that they need which started people on a journey which led them to mobile phones of today.



Advancements in Telephones


Going towards the end of the 20th century, the dial was replaced with buttons. Now people merely had to press the button of the number in order to dial out to the person that they want to talk to. The numbers also had letters on them. This became the basis for cell phones that also allowed for texting. When it came to texting, the person using the cell phone needed to press the button a certain amount of times in order to get the letter that he needs to use in order to spell out the message that he is trying to send. This technology would be improved with mobile phones with tiny keyboards or smart phones with touch screens.


The Effect of Mobile Phones


As the telephone became mobile, the home line became a lot less common as people began to rely solely on their smart phones in order to communicate with each other. While some homes do still have a landline, many people ignore the line and just provide their mobile numbers in order to be reached. Many people just use one of their mobile phones as the home line. While home phones are still being developed, they are decreasing in sales due to the technological advancement of mobile technology. This gives people a chance to keep in contact with one another while they are travelling or are otherwise outside of home. This also gives people a chance to know what is going on with their friends or loved ones at any moment.

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