The effect of Growing Cellphone Industry Over Telephones

When cellphones were first invented, there were already telephones in almost every household. The cellphone was simply the telephone that one could carry with him. Also, the first mobile phones could only be used to transfer calls through one of three radio channels. As a result, only 3 people could make calls from their cellphones at a time. Also, the phones were bulky and needed to be plugged to a large piece of equipment in order to work. Among the first cellphones included the Radio Common Carrier which was introduced in the 1960s. By 1980, cellular AMPS systems has put RCC systems use to an end.


The Rising Popularity of Mobile Phones


With the cellular phone in its infancy, people remained content to rely on the home phone line in order to get in touch with people. It wasn’t until the late 1990s that the cell phone was starting to become popular. As more technological advancements were being made to the mobile phone and the services that were being offered by a multitude of companies were becoming more affordable, things have begun to change for the telephone industry with the home phone soon to become obsolete.



Enter Texting


What could be considered the first smart phone has emerged in 1993. This was the first phone that offered plenty of other services besides calling. With the IBM Simon, you can text, email, fax, and check your calendar. It also had a pager that you could use. Thanks to 2G technology, there has been a surge in the use of mobile phones. The technology has also made it to the point that they allow for prepaid mobile phones. This has made it so people who do not have that much money to spend on a mobile service could also afford a mobile phone service.



Advertising on a Mobile Phone

The first ad on a telephone was sent in Finland in 1998 by way of SMS texting. With 2G capabilities, it has become possible to access media with a mobile phone. They began selling ring tones to mobile phones. They have also began experimenting with making payments with the use of a mobile phone. This was starting the new wave of advancements in the mobile phone arena.


Broadband Data


As 2G usage became very common, the companies have looked for ways to provide broadband data to mobile phone users. This resulted in the emergence of 3G wireless data service. This allowed people to access stuff at a faster speed. However, 3G data was limited at the time and even those that wanted to pay for more data could not afford it. Therefore, there came another solution for people and that is Wi-Fi data. Wi-Fi makes it possible for people to access the Internet without having to pay for data. People that have data can also save their data usage with Wi-Fi networks. More advancements were made with the 4G speeds and eventually LTE for high speed Internet accesss.


The Evolution of the Mobile Phone

With a boom in the cell phone industry it has provided livelihood to many people, My friend Johns who owns a cell phone repair business in Johns creek is one of them.  One thing that is very remarkable is the changes that the mobile phones went through as they advanced. They were originally just like the telephone. However, while the home phone has barely changed other than to add buttons and a screen. The mobile phone has not only added buttons, but it has added a mini-keyboard for a little bit. It eventually went into a touchscreen. Also, mobile phones today allow you to view different types of content such as videos, web pages, even movies. They also have good sound that will rival the best sound systems when one uses headphones. A lot of these phones have screens with High Definition displays. All of these advancements have made the home phone obsolete.


Mobile Technology


Perhaps the best thing to happen to the mobile phone came as the result of the mixture of telephone technology with computer technology. Thanks to the computerization of cellphones, it has become easier to perform business transactions from anywhere as opposed to having to run to the office to do some work. With the technology provided by smartphones, the only limit that people are going to face is their imaginations when it comes to what they can do with their mobile phones.

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